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Sun Nov 23, 2014, 1:40 PM by adrrar:iconadrrar:
Morning at Lake Garda by Malleni-Art
I am in the way, to... by pnpayam
Ocean by HoneyNymphTwilight by yiyaroMotion Blue by alex-the-artist01
Prince Edward Island - Atlantic Ocean II by WilliamPeterLeeBreakwater+Horizon by Coigach:thumb489920703:
:thumb457121750:Swan lake 03 by ScheronWinter Falls by 2ndKeeper
Skyros by Ada666pounder:thumb489029876:Drifting by Trichardsen
Intense Sunset by ShzphotoPicturesque Romania by AlecsPS:thumb488654691:
Sunset by elvirazakharova:thumb485311957:Sunset over the Adriatic by Indio982
SS dicky by robowa
Niagara Falls | Canada by Ssquared-Photography

Curated by :iconadrrar:


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 5:49 AM
This MorningA city sunrise:
kaleidoscope of colour
bathing grey concrete.

Rejected.. (Poem)There are people, that stay by your side,
When standing there is a reason for pride,
When being your "friend" leads them to gain,
Such two-faced folk - all they want is the fame..
Talking good, appearing nice,
Holding behind an evil device..
Raising you amongst them a beloved royal,
Making you believe, that they are loyal,
Not noticing that it is all in vain..
For the only thing they want to abstain,
Is you from removing their source of gain..
But wait for the day you need them most,
You'll learn how much such companion cost,
Cuz they will just get you completely lost.
The moment you find yourself in any trouble,
You see the illusion of the "friendship-bubble",
Pop and vanish, like it was never there,
You'll find yourself rottening left alone all bare..
"But maybe they're busy" you keep on saying,
Forget it, leave it, don't you dare,
To make them excuses when there are none,
This is the end, my dear friend, you are done...
Rejected, defected, all alone,
On the streets, left to moan..
empty chairwhen the king dies,
the kingdom cries.
the pretty queen weeps,
the little prince sleeps.
the jesters are sad,
the insurgents are glad.
the knights come home,
the evil dragons roam.
the throne sits bare,
now an empty chair.

The World Is Your CanvasThe World Is Your Canvas, by David Nicholas
The world is your canvas; the camera’s your eyes
To reveal Earth’s beauty with single press
Gives great power to incite, inspire or surprise
Lovely art I once didn’t value, I must confess.
The world is your canvas; portraits speak volumes
On how we feel, what we think, the exploits we’ve had
Proves we’re either complex or clearly consumed
By a myriad of problems, no more to add.
The world is your canvas; marvels by men past
Stretch for the skies like one glorious sight
These structural splendors will leave most aghast
Where one keen snap evokes tears of delight.
The world is your canvas; stories can be told
Of the needless cruelty of man’s choices
Crying child, war losses, or slaves being sold
Incites us to change, give these issues some voices.
The world is your canvas; the land is your paint
That spans across and beyond the horizon
To capture Nature’s vision, as blessed by saints
And express our
Inner DemonI harbour a monster,
It lingers deep within.
It wants to escape me,
To tear free from my skin.
It gnaws at my insides,
And hopes that I'll give in.
It works hard to tempt me,
To lead me into sin.
It wants me to suffer
To feel its wretched sting.
But I stand true and strong,
I will not let it win.
The nights are the hardest,
In bed I pray and sing
To the Lord God above
To rid me of this thing.
But instead it remains,
My monster still within.
ImmortalityEvery day the sun rises,
Every day the sun sets
Every day someone is born,
Everyday someone dies
It is the natural circle of life
Everything dies at one point,
But what if you never do
What if you stand there,
watching time pass
As people grow older,
and eventually die
While you never age,
And continue to live
What if everyone you knew,
slowly wrinkled and aged,
while you never looked a day older
What if everyone you met,
eventually left you behind,
leaving you with nothing left
What if you found someone,
you really loved,
but had to watch them,
grow old and die
while you stayed young
surviving despite the ages
What if you had given up on the world
given up trying to meet people,
get to know anyone,
get to love someone
but no matter what you did,
or how much time passed,
you couldn't die
What if you were,
forever and always

UsYou spit and spout ridicule
For being ourselves,
But that's not fair,
'Cause I'm starting to figure out and see
That it's not hip to be square.
Because we're us,
We're the pieces that don't fit
Inside this grand design,
And it doesn't bother us a bit,
Cause individuality
Is so much better than uniformity.
We ain't conformists,
We're revolutionists, the next generation,
And you'd better believe we're here to stay,
We don't need your rules and restrictions, we're our own nation
And we're on track to world domination.
You ain't got a say in the matter,
'Cause all that glitters isn't gold,
In this day and age, creativity
Is equated with divinity,
We're gods, and you're just puny earthlings,
Content to live and die
Without ever making an impact,
But not us,
And yes, it's somewhat irrational,
But you can't stop us, we're international.
The message is spreading,
Our following growing,
And it's certainly showing,
The modern world's a powder keg
Just a step away from exploding.
And you can bet
Being lonely Daydream of
     Conversation I wish
   I had
         They speak of
  Relationships of the past
           That never carried on
A Thousand PiecesAnything can fall into pieces
A heart can be shattered into a thousand pieces.
You say above the clouds,
That the sky is always blue,
It can be hard to understand when you can't see it.
And you say that after the storms whip has comes,
The sun appear,
But it rarely helps those who have been wet.
They say that what happens is always good for something,
The belief we got, to use it.
You say so much,
But you know so little when anxiety has the grab.
Soul marks the feelings of illusions burst.
For when friends disappear and when life is troubled,
You're looking at all with quite different eyes.
Practicing yourself and are slowly becoming better at seeing,
And distinguish between truths and lies.
Anything can fall into pieces,
A heart can be shattered into a thousand pieces.
Did you call me friend once,
Then i am here probally yet.

A MemoryMost kids first memory is a loving
Type of thing
Mine is filled with anger
And hate
I remember my parents yelling
And screaming-
At each other-
For no reason
I remember cops out every night
With Tears streaming down our faces
I remember my father bring another guy in
And then disappearing
I remember growing up
Switching back and forth between houses  
Because my parents were no longer spouses
I remember things that kids should never see
I remember long nights
Where my parents would never agree
As I child
I remember what I wish I to forget
As I child
I already had regrets
The moment.Some might say.
That in that moment we were infinite.
But I do not believe so.
In that moment, there was only me.
And there was only you.
And thats all I needed.

The Child And The PreacherI remember
The boy's eyes
    As the preacher spoke:
"Come child,
We'll plant 
The world
In your mind.
Let it blossom
On the brightest
Of sun days."
His eyes
Went blank.
He was never told
    That his mind
Would be watered
Lift The Moon Into The Sky.I can't keep going through the motions
I want more than to just survive
Take my hand; make me feel new emotions
Show me how to feel alive
Can we dance in the rain?
Run through a field of flowers?
Can we fight through the pain?
And stop counting the hours?
Because one more day is too late these days.
I'm not used to being myself
In fact, I don't know who that is
I'd like to find out
But I'm afraid I'm dead inside
So take my hand, help me revive
I don't understand
Show me how to feel alive

Can we laugh, can we cry, can we sing, can we fly?
Show me what it's like
I want give it a try
But first, show me
Show me how to feel alive...
Breathe Love Like AirBreath love like air, and live
Return from the darkness
Embrace all life as kin
And let peace touch your heart
The saccharine kiss of
Hope can make bitterness
Evolve on cynics' tongues
Leaving an aftertaste
Of disillusionment
Vanquished are the moments
Engulfed in innocence
Life does not let you live
In perfect happiness
Kisses of destiny
Either raze or nourish
A man's deepest beliefs
In pure honesty, I-
Repeat, breath love like air

The Great ThiefMy empty gaze
and bony smile
these features of mine
will leave you as pale
as my accursed face
Shrouded am I
in black robes
and dark intent
and like a thief in the night
I come to steal you away
Tears may fall at my theft
but I could care less
After all I've been doing this
Since the beginning
And I don't see an end to my thievery
Many have tried
but all have failed
to escape my grasp
Little do you know
that my reach knows no bounds
No matter how far you run
No matter where you hide
I will find you
and I will steal you away
to my realm of Peace and Darkness
To fight me
is to fight Fate
But please do continue
To fight me,
'cause it's no fun if you just let me take you.
A TrapI surround sound;
But can’t hear them;
I surround light;
But can’t see it
Water drops echoes here;
In a room that never ends;
I feel heat here;
But never seen the sun
Suddenly I’m in a middle of a crowd;
No one notices me;
Or now in a middle of nowhere;
Where no one is visible
This is a trap in me;
What you see it isn't real;
What you feel it isn't pain;
What you get it isn't love.
BeautyWhat are the things that I find beautiful?
A smile that just happens.
A heart that keeps beating even when it's breaking.
Calloused hands and feet with thick, bulging varicose veins
because they belong to people who didn't take the easy way out,
people who worked, who strove for what they got.
What else do I find beautiful?
Eyes, expressive eyes.
Eyes that are so intense that you can see the realness of the person within.
Eyes that are bright with unshed tears yet
keep on forging forward, looking straight ahead,
never down at their feet in defeat.
Eyes that look at the stars and see more than
swirling orbs of gas and dust held together by mere gravity.
I also find flowers beautiful.
Because they can't help what they are,
they can't help how they look.
They're one of the most natural,
most unartificial things in the universe
and that gives them this simplistic, very unfrivolous type of beauty.
There are many kinds of beauty though
and humans don't fall under the same category as flowers

Nature's SensesThe vines just won't let me go
How I got in this mess
I'll never know
It's probably tress
The trees cover my light
But I don't care
I will never fright
Wilderness can't scare
The animals make noise
Don't know their location
But that is their choice
To enjoy the sensation
The smell is damp
As if it just rained
Not the best place to camp
So I'll never be contained
Words are funny little things,
That give you stings.
Some are good and some are bad,
Some may even make you mad.
Words can rhyme and works can flow,
Tell you things you didn't know.
It's funny when you think,
How a tiny dot of ink,
Can tell so many truths,
Whilst hidden amongst books,
And when you string that ink along,
And make it flow into a song,
It makes you sing.
You know,
Words are funny little things.

KarmaUgly little troll
All twisted up and alone
Fearing judgment day.

Curated by :iconadrrar:

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