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Since many of our members our new to DeviantArt, I just wanted to clarify a few things. Right now, we are not accepting any requests for "Contributor" positions.  Requesting to be a contributor means being part of the administrative staff of the group.  You don't need to be a contributor for the group in order to contribute art to the gallery. As long as you're a member of this group, you can submit your work.  We will announce at a later date when we will be accepting contributor requests.  :)

Also, is it imperative that you submit your art to the correct gallery. We have been going through the folders and have seen many "misplaced" work. If you are not sure where your work belongs, please refer to the folder description on the left hand side that lists the "subcategories" for that form of media.  We will do our best to make sure you know where to submit your work to, but if it continues to happen, measures will have to be taken to prevent further incidents.  (your work could be removed from the folder, you could get a warning for repeated offenses)  

We created the Rules and Regulations to help everyone out. We have a lot of members and we want to avoid a lot of mix ups here.  You guys are submitting some great work and we appreciate you joining our group and supporting it!  :)

So, in conclusion, make sure that you let us know that a folder is full. We will kindly add another one so that you may submit your work, Don't just go to any other folder because the one you want is full. That just causes a lot of confusion among the staff here and the members.

We are getting closer to our goal of upgrading to a Super Group.  This would mean more options for you guys and many contests and prizes.  We have set up a link at the rules and regulations page for donations. We have also provided a link to the FAQ help center at DeviantArt if you are having troubling navigating around the site and need some answers to your questions.

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