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We called this group We-Want-Your-Art because we really do want your art - we just want it submitted to the right folder.  I believe that's not asking a lot from you guys.  If it's a work uploaded to Traditional, despite any subcategories, it goes in the Traditional folder.  If you uploaded it to Fan Art, despite any subcategories, it goes to the Fan Art folder. If it's Manga & Anime, it goes in the Manga & Anime folder.  It's pretty simple.  

No one here likes denying work submitted to the group, however, if the member is clearly not paying attention and submits a digital art work to Photography or submits a Photograph to Artisan Crafts, we have to deny it.  

I recently had to change the submission settings because I found over 150 works in the wrong folder.  It was a mess. Different media was scattered everywhere.  The rules and regulations of the group were being ignored.

All that we ask from you, the members, is that you pay very close attention to where your work belongs....and submit it to the right folder. If you can achieve this, there will be now problems at all  :)

So, until our administrative staff can "clean up" these folders, the submissions are set at 1 work per folder a week.

We appreciate your expected understanding in this matter and we hope you stick with us as we fix these folders so that we may take in more submissions....and make this the best collection of Art in the DeviantArt Group community.  

Thank you!

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