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In a continued effort to deal with members still submitting works to the wrong folder, we are forced to make a few changes that we hope will help the right works find the correct folder.  After I finish this post, I will be creating a gallery folder labeled "Submit Your Art Here".   This will be the ONLY folder the members will be able to submit to.  We will close off all the other folders from accepting submissions.  From this new folder, The contributors and I will approve or deny the work based on quality, and if they meet the guidelines of the group. We can then move the work to the correct folder for you.  

This will an attempt to create a better system that works to eliminate the constant disregard for the group submission rules.

P.S. -  We can only accept work that has been submitted by a member of the group. We don't approve works suggested by members from people who aren't a part of the group.  I hope this clears things up and helps us all out.

I thank you for your cooperation.

NOTE:  We will be creating a folder for out PHOTOGRAPHY promised.   The rules and prizes of the last two contests apply to this one as well.    The THEME will be NATURE.   (landscapes, waterscapes, mountains, sunsets etc...)

Please note that we will not accept any contest submissions that have : people in the shot, buildings or any human elements. It must  be pure nature.  Please ask in our comment section if you need any further clarification regarding the rules on the contest.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing your entries. :)

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