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What don’t you get about people?

We all encounter a plethora of people every day of our lives. Some are desired, most probably not. Life without people would not be life at all. They make us laugh, cry, ponder, sick, better and sad. Though how well do you understand the people around you?

We often wonder why people do what they do. The human mind is a mysterious space. People can really do the most intriguing things. The people you know can seem to contradict themselves, or not properly explain a concept that they believe is clearly explained. Our individuality causes us to misunderstand others; even ourselves. How many hours of our day do we spend pondering about why we do what we do and why others also? Most thoughts will be subconscious.

I’ve spent a lifetime pondering about people, finding us absolutely intriguing. Doing all I can to answer all the beckoning questions we have. After much debating within myself, I have proudly launched

I try to tackle the biggest questions with the human condition, sharing my findings with as many people as I can. I truly see that our lives will be far better when we have a richer understanding on how we work – “What makes us tick”.

Arguments and fights will reduce, happiness will increase and diversity will become valued.

This is the quest I’m taking, but I don’t want to go alone. I’d definitely like you to read what I write. Yet not only that, I wouldn’t mind if a community was created. If like-minded individuals congregated to write together, sharing all we know for the globe, it would create a more diverse resource for everyone to benefit from.

Most important of all, are the readers. The people who most benefit from what I write. Please do see and have a read. If you take no interest in my writing, sharing it with people who may truly benefit would be truly appreciated.

If you wish to say anything about my writing, I’m more than open to criticism. I only want to write the highest quality papers for us all.

Thank you Bill, Founder of We Want Your Art… and other projects, for giving me the opportunity to outreach my Ponder That.

~ Personia

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